The purpose of the preschool ministry is to allow our parents to better understand and learn God’s word without distractions. However, while your child/children are in our care we do more than nursery, we are providing your child the opportunity to learn God’s Word on their level.For babies, it may be as simple as showing them love. Older children have age appropriate curriculum just for them. Some of the basic bible truths that they will learn are; “help each other”, “love one another”, and “to thank God”.These things are the basic foundation for what they will learn over the years of their life.

We offer a wide range of activities for your pre-school child/children.On Sundays we have a curriculum based Sunday School.During the worship hour we offer kids’ worship time where they have a simple bible story and hands-on activity provided by the preschool director.Wednesday nights we provide “Honey Bees for Jesus” for the two’ and three’s; “Cubby Bears for Jesus” for four’s –pre-K.We encourage parents to get involved in what their children are learning.There is no greater reward than to see your child grow in the Lord.

We have two trained preschool workers assigned to each room or more, depending on the   size of the class.Our goals are to provide a learning environment that is safe and      comfortable for you and your child.Our prayer is that God will give our ministry the ability  to guide your child/children into our care so that we can help mold and shape God’s  children for the future.

For information contact: Jared Hightower @706-245-5429  or

Meeting Date and Time:  Every Sunday AM & PM / Wednesday nights

Meeting Location:  All Preschool check in at Bld. D

For information contact the church office at 706-245-5429 or