Attending Student Leadership University literally changed my life some 16 years ago and set my leadership journey in motion. “You will be the same person 5 years from now except for the places you go, the people you meet and the books you read.” – Dr. Jay Strack. This quote has rung true for me and I can trace God’s hand in my leadership walk as I have put this principle to work. This will not be an easy task. You will be challenged at every turn. There will be obstacles to overcome.

You will have to raise money to attend this collegiate level conference and this is by no means an ordinary youth retreat. However, I believe that you have the tools and the drive to make this a priority for you and your family. You will better, stronger and more confident in your walk with the Lord as well as developing yourself professionally.
The experiences that SLU provide are like no other! You will have opportunities to meet NBA legends, sit in the company of some of the world’s greatest theologians, meet believers on the front lines of the nation’s political arena as well as opportunities to go behind the scenes at some of America’s favorite theme parks.

It starts with you.
1. Make a commitment now to be a part of this journey
2. Invest personally in yourself by setting a course to raise your own money and don’t rely on your parents for the full amount of the tuition
3. Send out sponsor letters and ask teachers, family and co-workers to invest in your future.
4. Begin praying that God would open doors for you that you have never walked through before.

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Registration for 2016 SLU: Coming Soon!