Confection Connection

Something just for the ladies . . .

Join us each month, in Room E100, for a new ministry for LADIES ONLY!!!!

We bring home the bacon; fry it up in the pan; take care of kids, pets and the man!!!  We need a little something just for ourselves.  Devotionals, prayer, a little girl time, and of course – sweets!!!

Come be a part of this ministry from the ground floor up and let’s build it into what we need and want from a ladies ministry.  Young, old, single, married or nearsighted; it doesn’t matter.  We can all learn from and lean on each other.

For more informations and specific dates and times, please call Denise at the PGBC office or Joy McCauley at 770/402-2150.

We will begin at 6:00 pm so any ladies involved in Awana can be a part and also serve.